Your Bioenergy--Your Doctor : Fighting Illness with Energy (Paperback)

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About the Book
Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. Modern science tells us that the human persons are not just physical structures, but like everything else, they are also composed of bioenergy matter. One of the therapies is to fight illness with bioenergy. The author, who has practiced bioenergotherapy, has treated a large number of diseases and medical conditions, and has achieved very good results which were regularly registered by medical doctors when the patients came to them for check-up after bioenergetic treatments. The book is based on the author’s bioenergotherapeutic experiences and observations of patients’ recovery from various types of illness. It explains different pertinent aspects like demystification of bioenergy, reactions of the organism, environmental pollution and its adverse impact on people’s health, radiation of objects, etc. It also suggests useful exercises for the spine to keep it in shape. Some remedies to cure common cold have been suggested. Various uses of energy have been described as they are related to human well-being and treatment of medical conditions. Methods of preparing healing potions, compresses, balms, etc. have been mentioned. There is an exclusive chapter on practical applications of bioenergy for healing. The book will be useful for doctors, nurses and all those concerned with the treatment of illnesses, etc. It will also serve as a guide of self-help for common people in case of diseases and maladies.

About the Author/s
Tihomir Bralic is one of the bioenergy therapists who constantly uses his practice in order to prove himself in the study of bioenergy. He has treated many patients, and has treated the likes of Vladimir Jugovic—a world-known Serbian footballer, and his name was always mentioned in Yugoslavia when it came to bioenergy. He has never published his works despite also working as a journalist. He has worked in treating people with bioenergy in Germany and in Spain for a short period.
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AuthorTihomir Bralic
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Publication Year2014
PublisherAtlantic Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd
SubjectHealth | Physical Fitness | Yoga
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