Wonders of Prana Healing (Paperback)

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About the Book
In view of growing complexities in today’s allopathic medical systems, the complementary alternative medicinal healing systems are gaining more acceptance, and prana healing is one of the important ones. It is a ‘no touch, no drugs’ therapy, which both cures and prevents diseases, by the manipulation of prana (chi or qi—the life force). The book is designed mainly for those who are interested in learning and practicing this relatively new healing method. The subject matter is organized into 5 parts. The 1st part presents an overview of different healing processes and techniques, the human energy field and various types of energy healings. The 2nd part is an in-depth study of human auras, prana, chakras and their relations to healing processes. The 3rd part gives an understanding of two types of prana healing—direct augmentation type and clinical augmentation type. An exclusive chapter in this part has been devoted to the use of colour prana and special crystal in prana healing. The 4th part gives a reasonable account of other methods for enhancing prana, and important aspects of energy hygiene and energetic cleansing. The last part gives examples of actual healings/curing done by the author (Mangla Prasad Srivastava) and his colleagues, for typical ailments. The book will help general public in keeping good health, do self-healing and lead a disease-free life. It will also be useful for healthcare professionals, healers, therapists, clergy and all those who want to consider themselves as practitioners/ healers/teachers for better physical, psychological and spiritual health. For professional healers, it can be used as a reference book.

About the Author/s
Sushil Kumar Srivastava, a mechanical engineer, worked for over 33 years in Alloy Steels Plant, Durgapur of Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), and retired, in the year 1995 as Chief Mechanical Engineer. He also worked for one year as General Manager in IITian General Services Ltd, Kolkata. Later he started his own consulting firm. He has written many books on topics of engineering and career counseling, including Study & Immigration in USA; Career Counseling; USA--Study, Job & Immigration Made Easy; Career Counseling & Planning; Career Interviews; and Interview Skills. Sushil Kumar has studied different aspects of prana healing and its benefits for people suffering from various ailments. Mangla Prasad Srivastava, an electrical engineer, worked for two years as lecturer in Government Central Textile Institute, Kanpur, UP, and then worked for 33 years in UP State Electricity Board in different capacities and at different places, and retired as Superintendent Engineer. He had keen interest in yoga and yogic activities from his childhood. He took further training and became “Prashikshak” (Trainer) from Patanjali Yogapeeth and Divya Yog Mandir, Haridwar. He conducted many free yoga classes at parks and other places for many years. Mangla Prasad developed interest in pranic healing. He completed many courses in pranic healing from All India Pranic Healing Foundation Trust, Bangalore and became a certified Advanced Pranic Healer and Psychotherapist. He has treated/healed successfully over 500 patients, including distance healing for over a dozen patients, sitting in England, Singapore, Australia, etc.
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AuthorSushil Kumar Srivastava & Mangla Prasad Srivastava
Original PriceINR 350
Publication Year2015
PublisherPeacock Books
SubjectHealth | Physical Fitness | Yoga
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