The Human Rights : Conventions and Indian Law (Hardbound)

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About the Book
The present book The Human Rights is an indepth-systematized study of recent developments, particularly since 1970s, in the international concern for promotion and protection of basic human rights within and beyond national boundaries. This has been necessitated by tremendous growth and taking place of a good number of international treaties, conventions, declarations and practices which are not noticed in books though these are actually followed by the States, and to varying extent these are enforced by the concerned international, regional or national authorities. In many cases, these developments in favour of human rights for people are now integral part of international law and form part of international diplomacy, international relations or international politics. Respect for human rights is now regarded as good or ideal national politics world over: It is also part of active diplomacy. The book proceeds to enlighten the readers on the various ramifications of the subject through the following chapters: • Discovering A Human Rights Regime • The Footprints of Human Rights • Nationality and Statelessness: Human Rights Problems • Civil and Political Human Rights • Human Rights of Political Offenders • Human Rights: Economic, Social and Cultural • Humanitarian Commitment For Women and Children • Asylum For International Refugees • Humanized War and Warfare As the issue of human rights is upper most in idology and functioning of modern polity, care has been taken to incorporate the needs of State policy makers, politicians, reformers and scholars of international law and international relations, among others. The Indian laws and practices on various aspects of human rights that bring them in line with the expectations of international law and practices have been provided in detail in the book. The book will also find favour with academics, social activists and all those responsible citizens concerned for human rights denial or suffering on any account in any section of the society.

About the Author/s
U.N. Gupta, LL.M., D.Phil., (Born: November 1933), has been Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University and before that he was Professor of Law, Head of Law Department and Dean of Law Faculty in Allahabad University. He has specialized in Constitutional Law and Public International Law. He has had over thirty-five years teaching experience of Post-Graduate (LL.M.) classes beginning in 1958, and of guiding and examining Research Thesis of various Universities of India. Five scholars were awarded D.Phil. degrees under him. In 1985 he was Director of 3-Day U.G.C. Seminar on ‘Indian Federalism’ in which Indian Law Minister, Advocate General of U.P. and Judges of High Court had participated along with more than thirty professors from various Indian Universities. Professor Gupta retired in 1994 from the teaching service. Professor Gupta delivered key lectures on invitation at: (1) Indian Council of World Affairs, Allahabad; (2) International Law Association (Indian Regional Branch at New Delhi); (3) International Law Association (Allahabad Branch); (4) UGC Academic Staff College, Allahabad University; (5) G.B. Pant Institute of Social Sciences, Jhusi, Allahabad; (6) C.R. Institute of Business Management, Bhopal University, among other places. Professor U.N. Gupta has to his credit publication of scores of research papers and of four books: (i) Constitutional Protection of Personal Liberty in India, 1969; (ii) Developments on the Frontiers of International Law, 1981; (iii) Indian Federalism and Unity of Nation, 1986 and (iv) Indian Parliamentary Democracy, 2003.
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