The Essential Guide to Telecommunications and Data Communications (Hardbound)

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About the Book
Methods of communications have changed drastically over the years. From snail mail to telex, fax, and telephone, and now to email, SMS and video conferences; and from ship to shore radio communication, radio telex VSAT communications and mobile telephony, the march has been wide-ranging and rapid. The Internet and Information Highway—the World Wide Web, has been the icing on the cake. The scenario has changed considerably with the advent of email, file transfer, ERP, making communication a lot simpler and more cost-effective. Communication tariff has also had a sea change with STD calls at 50 paise per minute or less with the result that there is much wider use of new communication technologies in India. The communication revolution has had the biggest impact on human society after industrial revolution. We can send to and receive information from any part of the world without moving from our seat. So much is happening in the world that we need to keep track of, that a time has come to marshal the knowledge for the lay user so that various systems of communications available today are put in their correct perspective, and the average individual or organization can make the most effective use of these systems to meet their communication needs. The book attempts to give individuals and multi-locational organizations (MLOs) the right perspective of various communication tools available in the world today so that they may derive the maximum benefit from these tools to meet their respective needs. It not only describes the communication needs of people, the optimum communication options available, but also delves into the uses of telephony, next generation networks, private networks, special requirements for enterprises, computation of bandwidth, and cloud computing, among others. The complexity of communications with the advent of WAN computing, e-Commerce, NET banking, etc. has increased and the security of internal data bases has assumed great importance. The book explains the ways to protect your data through firewall, packet filters, and layer filtering. The book will be useful for professionals, enterprises, and all those concerned with various forms of communication.

About the Author/s
Pankaj Mitra is an electrical engineer from Bengal Engineering College, Sibpur. He has been working in the field of communications and electronics with companies like Marconi Marine Co. Ltd., Marconi Communications Ltd., Marconi Radar Ltd., and GEC Telecom Ltd. (UK) since 1982. Mitra had been Chairman of CEI (ER) Telecom Task Force, and Telecom Sub-Committee (1988-90), which, in conjunction with Calcutta telephones, and High Level Focus Committee for the Improvement of Calcutta telephones constituted by the Govt. of India, provided a much improved telephone network in Kolkata. Pankaj Mitra has nearly five decades of industrial experience, working on senior positions in various national and multi-national companies in India and abroad, like Greaves Cotton Ltd., Crompton Parkinson Ltd., The English Electric Co. Ltd. (UK), Webel Sen Capacitors Ltd., Philips Carbon Black Ltd., and ITC Ltd. In the 1980’s he pioneered the introduction of ship to shore radio telex, and was instrumental in introducing satellite communication terminals in Indian flag ships through INMARSAT. He has been working in the field of solar energy from solar photovoltaic modules since 2012.
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