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The Atlantic Literary Review   The Atlantic Literary Review (Quarterly) ISSN 0972-3269

The Atlantic Literary Review is a quarterly peer-reviewed refereed journal which is intended as an authoritative organ of opinion about a wide range of literary subjects. This journal presents the work on different aspects of literary studies and explores the different ways that literary texts respond to their cultural context.

Although it focuses on Indian Writing in English; however, it also publishes articles on literature written in English anywhere in the world. Papers are invited from any genre of literature and on any well-known writers (from Shakespeare and Dickens to Plath and Beckett.) The Journal presents articles which provide theoretical and methodological contribution to the existing literature and forms a basis for further research in this field.

Recent Issues/Most Cited

"Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist: Reading Perspectives"
Enkelena Shockett (PhD, University of Tirana, Albania)
January-March 2017, Volume 18, No. 1

"From Text to Script: A Cinematic Interpretation of Shakespeare's Macbeth"
Somenath Mondal, M.A. (Guest Lecturer in English, Derozio Memorial College, Kolkatta)
January-March 2017, Volume 18, No.1

"Buddhist Alternatives of Beat Poetry: An Analysis of Eastern Methods and Practices in Allen Ginsberg's Poetry"
Rima Mukherjee (Research Scholar, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kanpur)
January-June 2016, Volume 17, No. 1-2

"More than Merely Players: The Significance of Shakespeare's Minor Characters"
Jeffery Moser (British Renaissance Scholar and Ph.D/A.B.D., University of Denver, USA)
January-June 2016, Volume 17, No. 1-2

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Dr. Sunita Sinha, Professor, Department of English, LNMU,
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Dr. K.R. Gupta, B-2, Vishal Enclave, Opp. Rajouri Garden Police Station, New Delhi-27, India
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Advisory Editorial Board

John Nkemngong Nkengasong, Professor of British and Postcolonial Literature, University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon.

Kenneth Usongo, Associate Professor of English, Texas College, USA.

Malcolm Voyce, Associate Professor, Macquarie University, Australia.

Bruce Boehrer, Bertram H. Davis, Professor, Department of English, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.

Manju Datta Gupta, Former Professor of English, Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata.

Gautam Ghosal, D.Litt., Professor, DEOMEL, Visva-Bharti, Shantiniketan, West Bengal.

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