Karate : For Beginners and Advanced (Paperback)

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About the Book
Ever since the evolution of human civilization, people have developed some or the other self-defense skills. Karate is one such skill that is growing in popularity with the passing of years. But unfortunately, only few are acquainted with the true nature of Karate; for them it is associated with sport competitions, smashing boards or tiles, and fight with bulls. The present book Karate aims at providing the readers with a proper theoretical exposition of Karate and rendering help in its practice. It provides a wider perspective on the varieties of Karate and their related techniques, strategies and tactics, and also the ways of its learning and training methodology. Since the classification of Karate is complex as it is based on style that differs in steering, techniques and training methodology, in the present book a chosen system tsunami has been evolved under which the common features in various styles on the one hand and the underlying differences among them have been enumerated and entensively explained. The varied ways for improving the art of fighting have also been systematically suggested. The tsunami art of Karate, aiming at achieving versatile physical development is unique in a sense that it makes use of various instruments like stick, nunchaku, tonfa, sickle or knife. A regular participation in tsunami may enable one to become a master or instructor of Karate, thus offering scope for earnings. The present book will prove a great help in mastering tsunami. It will not only help or appeal the beginners or advanced learners of Karate but also motivate the general readers to obtain training in this arena. The lucid and simple language and the rich illustrations of the book make it easily accessible to the average reader.

About the Author/s
Richard Murat, a recipient of 10 dan — the highest masterly degree in martial arts of Karate, is the president of Polish Martial Arts Federation and Sports. Fully conversant with judo and shotokan, he is the founder of the new karate style — tsunami which received tremendous success not only in Poland but also in several countries of Europe, Africa and America. He is also the president of Tsunami Renmei — International Tsunami Federation and an organizer of many of national and international tsunami groups. He imparts training to both advanced learners and beginners at Tsunami Honbu Dojo (Tsunami Central School) in Warsaw. Academically, he has specialised in law and obtained his degree from Faculty of Law and Administration under Warsaw University as well as from Academy of Inner Affers MSW. As an author he has several books to his credit, of which few deserve mention: Karate Tsunami 10 kyu (1980) (the first book in Poland on the subject karate), Karate Tsunami 10 kyu (1981), Karate Tsunami 9 kyu (1981), Kyukyu — First Aid in Tsunami Karate-do (1984), Shugyo — The Practice of Karate-do (1990), Japanese Language (1990) (with co-author M. Melanowicz), Zen–meditation (1991), Bruce Lee (1992) (with co-author J. Szymankiewicz), Far East (1992), Sex in Chinese Paintings (1993) (with co-authors: M.J. Kunstler and Z. Lew-Starowicz), History of Karate-do (1994), Dankai — The Requirement for Degrees 20-1 kyu and 1-10 dan (1996). The author has also been the publisher and chief editor of the Polish periodical The Black Belt.
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AuthorRichard Murat
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Publication Year2006
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