Self-Realization Through Human Body (Paperback)

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About the Book

It is believed that human body is attained after going through 84 lakhs of forms as various types of living beings. It is extremely precious because we can acquire knowledge of self and elevate the soul in our lifetime. Knowledge of self is the only way through which we can be in communion with God and be face-to-face with Him. In order to achieve this stage, it is necessary to make knowledge of the self the most important objective of life and then to mingle it up with self-meditation. Without self-realization no value can be attached to the human being. It is only after self-realization that the aim of coming in this world as human being is accomplished.
An effort has been made through this book to draw attention of the readers towards realization of self. Those who attain self-realization, get salvation and supreme state of tranquility, and ultimately reach their real abode, which is full of bliss and happiness. They do not come to this mortal world again and again to suffer.
The book highlights and clarifies this grand objective of human life, and answers the questions: What is self-realization? How can we be free from the bondage of worldly ties? How can the soul be one with God? Those who read it seriously and follow its message will achieve the real objective of their life.

About the Author

Guru Brij Mohan Ji Maharaj took deeksha (initiation) at a very young age, and has ever since been teaching and preaching people about the ways of reaching God. He has been addressing people in India and Canada on spiritualism. Along with holding a senior position in ITDC, he continued his preaching work, and after superannuation, he has fully engaged himself in it.
Guru Ji has performed austerities for many years. With some of his earnings, he has done preaching in the form of writing books, writing bhajans and distributing them in CDs, etc.
He is the founder and organizer of Divya Chakshu whose message is not to be attached with the mundane world where everything is perishable, but with the ultimate reality which is God, by practising spiritualism.
Guru Ji has written numerous articles which have been published in religious magazines. He has written five books, two of which were launched by famous personalities. His recent books are Who Am I and Jigyasa.

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