Textbook of Free Radicals: Concepts in Biology and Medicine

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About the Book
The proposed book aims to give a detailed description of the biology behind the formation of free radicals, their scavenging in the body and their role in the progression of several chronic diseases like diabetes. There are seven chapters, each dealing with a particular topic on the subject. Chapter 1 is an introduction to free radicals. Antioxidant compounds and enzymes, and oxidation stress in diabetes have been taken up in chapters 2 and 3, respectively. Oxidation stress in inflammatory diseases, and in neurodegenerative diseases are dealt with in chapters 4 and 5. Chapter 6 takes up reactive oxygen species in cancer. Chapter 7 deals with plants as sources of antioxidants. The book is well written and includes illustrated diagrams where necessary.
It will be useful for students and teachers of life sciences and medicine, and researchers in these fields.

About the Author
Rabia Hamid is an Associate Professor in Biochemistry in the University of Kashmir, Srinagar. She graduated and obtained her doctorate in Biochemistry from the University of Kashmir. She has many years of teaching and research experience in Biochemistry, at postgraduate and doctoral levels. She teaches basic Biochemistry courses, including metabolism, microbiology, molecular biology, free radical biology, physiology and clinical biochemistry, and has written several books on some of these topics.  Her research interests include the fields of protein chemistry, free radical biology and cancer biology. Currently, her lab conducts research in the area of medicinal plants for biochemical evaluation and their therapeutic role in diseases like diabetes, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, etc. She has published many papers in these areas in international journals of repute.

1. Free Radicals—An Introduction
2. Antioxidant Compounds and Enzymes
3. Oxidative Stress in Diabetes and its Complications: Plant Medicines as Potential Antioxidants
4. Oxidative Stress in Inflammatory Diseases
5. Oxidative Stress in Neurodegenerative Diseases
6. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Cancer
7. Plant Phenolics and Their Antioxidant Properties: Role in Diseases

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