Sociological Foundation of Education (Paperback)

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About the Book
From the dawn of civilization, man has been marching in search of wisdom. Various experiments are projected through education, so that humanity, happiness and harmony be wedded together. Education is indispensable for making life and living meaningful and purposive. Its significance cannot be fully appreciated unless it is looked at in proper perspectives—philosophical, sociological and psychological. The Sociological Foundation of Education has added a new dimension to education as an interdisciplinary approach. Man not only lives in a society, he grows and functions in a social context and various factors contribute to the growth of an individual. Sociology which involves the study of society, social process and social change is a growing science. Education can hardly be separated from society and so from Sociology. School is a miniature society and what happens in a society also happens in a school situation. Like parents in a family, teachers take important roles in a school. Culture occupies a significant place in a society. A community cannot grow without culture. Similarly, a society cannot survive without culture. As in every dynamic society there are problems, so in every school there are typical situations. Teacher has a distinct role as a social worker and community member. Obviously, of all the foundations of education, the sociological basis has a more practical bearing on day-to-day living. In the present book an attempt has been made to analytically deal with education in relation to social environment, culture, social control, social stratification and social mobility, social change, and national integration. In addition, it elucidates the significance of education for survival, peace, harmony, international understanding, emancipation of creative consciousness etc. The present Indian society and its problems in educational perspectives have been particularly studied. It is hoped that the present book will prove immensely useful for the students and teachers of both Education and Sociology. Even the general readers will find it highly informative.

About the Author/s
Dr. Srinibas Bhattacharya is an established name in the literary world. A humanist with wide experience and deep insight, he is fairly known in India and abroad as a distinguished educationist, author and a psychologist. Dr. Bhattacharya has taught at a number of Universities in India, England and U.S.A. for a number of years and built up reputation for his contribution to various fields of Social Science. He has been nominated for a number of international awards as fellow of the International Biographical Association and former member of the Advisory Committee of the NCERT. His distinction is enviable, no doubt. Dr. Bhattacharya has written quite a number of books, particularly on Psychology and Education. He has also the versatility for producing literary works including books of English poems published in U.S.A. and nominated for Nobel Prize. He happens to be the Founder Editor of New Perspectives—a quarterly on Social Science, and Founder President of the Institute of Education, Montessori Teachers Training College at Santiniketan and Prantik Centre for Human Development.
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AuthorSrinibas Bhattacharya
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