Prophet Muhammad as the Exalted Ruler of Arabian Peninsula (Hardbound)

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About the Book
Despite being the mighty Ruler of the Arabian Peninsula, Prophet Muhammad voluntarily set for himself sublime and superhuman aims which were not set by any king or monarch anywhere in the world before him. He had no other power except himself and no aid other than a handful of companions living in the far end of the desert. But with greatness of purpose and smallness of means he created such a lasting revolution in the galleries of governing powers which was not seen before. He followed exemplary etiquettes in meeting envoys, remained faithful in fulfilling the conditions of treaties and justly, truthfully and equitably governed people. The Prophet never declared himself a king; nor did he wear a crown. He had no throne, no courtiers, no fort and fortresses, no kingly robes and no glamorous paraphernalia. He ruled from the mudded floor of the Mosque, lived in a thatched house, ate dates and barley breads, and led a life of simplicity. With his just, truthful and righteous approach, humble and meek style and exemplary conduct he moved the altars, abolished false gods, changed the belief systems, impacted the legislations, influenced the governing structures and enlightened people by peaceful efforts and full-fledged code of conduct. The book describes the life and accomplishments of Prophet Muhammad in a lucid style. After covering major events—from his birth and proclamation as the Ruler—to his migration to Medina, it delineates how he established a new society and undertook Islam’s reconnaissance missions by adopting a holistic approach. The Prophet had to fight many battles with his adversaries who often provoked him. Two chapters have been devoted to the major and the minor battles fought by him, and their aftershocks. The Prophet through his letters, envoys and delegations to emperors, monarchs, and governors spread the message of peace. An exclusive chapter has been devoted to these peaceful efforts made by him. The book also contains vital information about Prophet Muhammad’s exemplary manners, personality traits, daily routine, as well as his possessions. The book will appeal to all those who wish to know more about Prophet Muhammad as Messenger of God, the establishment of Islam, and how he influenced the course of human history.

About the Author/s
Prof. Habibur Rehman, a renowned scholar and academician, obtained his higher education from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, and the University of Western Ontario, (Canada). He served as the Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Ambedkar University, Agra; as Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University; and Faculty of Commerce and Management, Kashmir University, Srinagar. He was also Head, Department of Economics and Management University of Sokoto, Nigeria. Prof. Rehman has vast experience in teaching, research and consultancy. He has conducted innovative study of Muslim community in India and has also made a detailed analysis of case studies related to economic, political and socio-cultural aspects of Muslims living in different states of the country. Prof. Rehman has published extensively. His latest book, The Muslim Mindset, Terrorism and Jihad in Islam, has emphasized the dangers of global terrorism and suggested various measures to combat extremist activities.
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AuthorHabibur Rehman
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