Nuclear Disarmament : Issues and Concerns (Hardbound)

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About the Book
Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are the most destructive in the category of weapons of mass destruction. The United Nations has succeeded in eliminating the last two from this destructive trio through international agreements. Consequently, nuclear disarmament is one of the two most important issues presently engaging the world body, the other being the jihadist terrorism. Once the UN finds solution to these two seemingly intractable problems, the world would have no problem in establishing universal peace. The US and Russia seem to be serious about the ultimate goal of nuclear disarmament. But so far, they are merely proceeding towards reducing the nuclear weapons, not eliminating them. The latest START between Washington and Moscow is an important step towards substantial reduction in nuclear weapons. Once the two nations come to an agreement on elimination of these nuclear weapons, the rest of the nuclear weapons states will fall in line. For that to happen, the international community must continue to lean on the US and Russia. The book has a wide coverage and comprehensively deals with various issues of nuclear disarmament, viz. nuclear, biological and chemical arms; sincerity or otherwise of nuclear weapons states; nuclear non-proliferation; control of production of fissile material; nuclear vs conventional arms; building a nuclear weapon free world; deterioration of nuclear environment during the last two decades; combating nuclear terrorism; threat of bio-terrorism; cyber weapons; and ban on cluster bombs, among others. Besides, latest developments in nuclear disarmament, including major points discussed in recent disarmament conferences, nuclear security summits and plenaries have also been included. The book is as much meant for the strategic community as for the laity for its insightful treatment of all the relevant issues and aspects of the subject of nuclear disarmament.

About the Author/s
Col. Ved Prakash was commissioned into the famed Sikh Regiment of the infantry arm of the Indian Army in 1957. He served as Commanding Officer of an Assam Rifles battalion deployed on Indo-Burma (now Myanmar) border in the 1970s. He had two tenures in Ladakh in 1980s. He took part in 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars. He has authored many books including Intelligent Ways to Enter the NDA; The Samba Spy Scandal; and Indian Army in Sri Lanka. His more recent books include Encyclopaedia of North-East India (5 Vols.).
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AuthorCol. Ved Prakash
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Publication Year2011
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