Media in an Authoritarian State : A Study of Myanmar (Hardbound)

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About the Book
This study looks into the regime structure of an authoritarian state and examines the role of mass media in it. The case study of Myanmar has been chosen because of the transition taking place in the country and the numerous challenges faced by the current regime in coping up with the internal as well as external pressures. It has been taken as a model to understand the role of mass media in an authoritarian society. The role of mass media in Myanmar was highly circumscribed during the military rule for over more than six decades. But, in the wake of the recent process of reforms and changes taking place in the country, some of those restrictions have given way to a more open and free mass media regime. Nevertheless, the prevailing media legislations—Printers and Publishers Registration Law and Press Scrutiny and Registration Division need a thorough overhauling for the establishment of a more open and free mass-media regime. In this background, the book looks into the authoritarian political structure and tries to investigate the nature and operation of mass media in Myanmar. The book will be useful for the students and teachers of Political Science and researchers in this field. It will also appeal to common readers who wish to know the role and plight of media in an authoritarian society.

About the Author/s
Manish Kumar has been a student of Sociology and Mass Communication. He has been actively involved in teaching both the disciplines in various institutions of learning in Delhi and NCR. His area of research is particularly focused on the study of society from the lens of mass media. He has done a decade long research on society and media in Myanmar.
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AuthorManish Kumar
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Publication Year2014
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SubjectPolitics | Current Affairs
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