Indian Industrialisation : Trajectory Redefined (Paperback)

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About the BookIn a changing world, it is imperative today to develop deep-rooted strategic engagement of nations for mutual benefit, peace and prosperity. This is exactly the policy that Modi government is pursuing. In the context of how India should engage with the world, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, said, “the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet”. India is equipped with big bank of factors in its favour – intellectual power, research bent of mind, age-old entrepreneurship, vibrant and deep-rooted democracy, rich culture and heritage, high degree of religious tolerance, peace loving citizens, internationally recognised legal/ accounting systems, rich natural resources, self-reliant agriculture and many more. Narendra Modi government has provided the right vision, ensuring stability in policies and robust direction. Now it is a challenge and responsibility of all the citizens of India to develop the flexibility to achieve optimal results. The ups and downs are bound to come, but these would need to be overcome. A classic example of this is a flock of birds flying in exact formation. The birds dynamically change their course here and there, but they still manage to maintain the trajectory by error-free teamwork to reach their destination. About the Author/sThe author of the book, Dr. AK Agarwal, a technocrat with over 30 years’ experience in amplifying the growth in hi-tech engineering companies and in spearheading successful global business alliances has travelled to diverse parts of the globe, extensively interacted with international business community and intelligently crystallised a niche in technology management and innovation.

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AuthorDr. AK Agarwal
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Publication Year2016
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