Global Environment : Problems and Policies (Volume 2 - Hardbound)

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About the Book
Some major developments witnessed during the 20th century have greatly impacted human beings as well as the planet Earth—the only known planet to support life. Incalculable harm is being caused to natural habitats, eco-systems and environment by unprecedented growth in population resulting in great rise in consumption; rapid increase in urbanization and industrialisation; dramatic changes in global economic environment; and reckless use of mineral and forest resources, etc. As a result of man’s unsustainable practices, there is an ongoing depletion of our planet’s biological treasures, and a real threat of acceleration in greenhouse effect and global warming. Serious consequences are apprehended because of receding of glaciers. Rapid melting of snow will lead to quick run-off of water and submersion of coastal areas and several small islands. Weakening of the great reservoirs of water and the sources of rivers will adversely affect the volume and flow of water. Adverse climate changes anticipated include intensification of tropical cyclones, irregular rainfall patterns, frequent droughts and floods. Global Environment: Problems and Policies is an anthology containing articles by erudite scholars and environmentalists who have analysed various environmental issues and made valuable suggestions on pertinent aspects like green marketing, planetary stewardship, ecoregional conservation, environmental management of industries, restoration strategies of wetlands and sustainable use of natural resources. The book will be highly beneficial for students and researchers working in the field of environment. Policymakers, executives and industrialists will also find it useful. The book will create awareness among the readers about the need to adopt sustainable practices, protect natural habitats, preserve biodiversity and re-establish environmental ethics and values.

About the Author/s
K.R. Gupta has published over a dozen books and more than hundred papers in leading journals published in India and abroad. He has been teaching postgraduate classes and guiding research for about two decades in the University of Jammu and Kurukshetra University. He has worked as an Economist in private as well as public sector. He has edited multi-volume Encyclopaedia of Environment which includes so far published volumes entitled Environment: Problems and Policies; Environment: Global Warming and Environmental Legislation in India. More volumes are in press. Maria Anna Jankowska, a Ph.D. in Economics, came to the United States from Poland after being awarded a Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars Grant from the Smithsonian Institute. She completed an MLS degree at the University of California at Berkeley. She is presently the General Editor of Electronic Green Journal published from the University of Idaho Library. She has used Information Technology tools for many environmental and conservation projects. Prasenjit Maiti is a political sociologist. He taught in the Department of Political Science at the University of Burdwan before joining the development sector. He was on the secondment as a Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Federalism of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He worked for the Forum of Federations, a Non-Government Organization, based at Ottawa (Canada). He also served as an evaluation consultant to TERI while working on the National Green Corps Project, funded by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.
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AuthorK.R. Gupta
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VolumeVolume 2
Publication Year2008
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SubjectEarth-Science | Environment
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