Gender Discrimination : An Indian Perspective (Hardbound)

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About the Book
In India, discrimination against women is rampant, notwithstanding the fact that our Constitution has granted men and women equal rights. Discrimination against female children is seen in all the strata of society, and it manifests in various forms in India. The female child has been treated as inferior to male child, and this is deeply engraved in the mind of girl child. As a result, the females fail to understand their rights. Female foeticide and neglect of the female child after birth and in childhood have led to low sex ratio. There are only 927 women per 1000 men in India. Gender discrimination has been an issue of great concern because there is universal consensus on the gender equality. The book is an endeavour to bring out the shocking discrimination against women in India. It aims to shake people’s conscience, and bring a shift in attitude towards women, and give them the esteem they wholly deserve. It also brings to light the existing gloomy landscape concerning the status of women in our society. The book presents comprehensive statistics on gender discrimination, atrocities and crime against women, reflecting a very alarming, embarrassing and gloomy situation. Despite the provision of equality of status and opportunity in law, and reservation of seats for women in jobs and governance, no perceptible change is seen in the fate of women. The book calls for deep introspection, assessment and analysis of the situation so that effective measures are taken to retrieve the situation. The book will appeal to a wide cross-section of people, including sociologists, policymakers, NGOs, women’s organizations, and all those concerned with equal status of women in India.

About the Author/s
Rajiv Azad, M.Phil in sociology, has spearheaded content development, marcomm, editing, brand building, CSR, and R&D, among others. He has written numerous articles highlighting gender discrimination, corruption, murky politics, sports, terrorism, etc., published on leading news portals, including Leveraging his blog, http://, he is capturing a wide spectrum of important issues. He has written critical reports focusing on socio-economic issues of Australia. Besides, he has also written strategic articles like “Golden Rules for Writing Winning and Convincing Emails”, “Employee Retention Strategy, Countering Attrition”, and “Understanding Teamwork: Its Importance”. Rajiv is passionate about social development, and is concerned about grave issues like gender discrimination in India. The Centre for Social Development and Research (CSDR)—an NGO dedicated to Women’s Empowerment—is his brainchild. Leveraging digital media, he is doing yeoman’s service in spreading awareness about issues like gender discrimination, corruption, and environmental pollution. He can be contacted at [email protected]; [email protected]; and
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AuthorRajiv Azad
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