English Language Teaching : Recent Approaches (Hardbound)

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About the Book
One of the linguistic consequences of colonialism is that English is now one of the official languages of India, and both the English literature and the English language are studied all over the country. After independence, English naturally lost its glory as the ruler’s language, but paradoxically, it is studied by more people now than it was before independence. The number of learners of English in India would easily exceed the total population of many countries of Europe. But the emphasis has significantly shifted from literature to language. The importance of English as a link language or as a world language has been steadily growing. It is increasingly felt that the need of the hour is communicative competence and the focus of English language teaching in India is therefore on learning English as a means of effective communication in all the spheres of life. Twenty-three essays included in this volume explore in depth various aspects of English language teaching and address the issues with remarkable clarity and confidence. Teachers and students who are engaged in teaching/learning the English language, ELT, Linguistics and Stylistics will find the book extremely valuable; and anybody interested in these areas will also find the book quite interesting.

About the Author/s
A full-time Professor since 1982, and now retired, Dr Mohit K. Ray (1940-) is one of the seniormost Professors in the country. He has five books and a large number of research papers published in scholarly journals in India and abroad, which reflect his wide range of literary intrudes. Professor Ray has attended and chaired sessions as an invited participant in many international conferences, seminars, and colloquia held in different parts of the globe. He has studied several languages including Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, French, and German. Professor Ray has edited several anthologies of critical studies, and is editor of The Atlantic Critical Review, an international quarterly with global circulation. He is also at present working as the Chief Editor of Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd. He is associated with many international bodies including Association Internationale de Litérature Comparée, Paris, (International Association of Comparative Literature) and Association Internationale des Critiques Littéraires, Paris, (International Association of Literary Critics) and SANART Association of Aesthetics and Visual Culture. His CV is available in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in the Commonwealth, International Book of Honour, etc. Professor Ray received the C.V. Kapoor Education Foundation Distinguished Teacher Award in 2000. He has also done a UGC-sponsored Major Research Project on “A Comparative Study of the Indian Poetics and the Western Poetics”. He has been recently awarded the title Vaeaspati and (honoris caura) by Rashbrya Sanrkwt University, Tirupati.
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AuthorEd. Mohit K. Ray
Original PriceINR 595
Publication Year2010
PublisherAtlantic Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd
SubjectEducation | Psychology
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