Creative Intelligence : The Power of Latitudinal Insight (Hardbound)

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About the Book
The human world is perched at an exciting stage of growth that has provided us with a plethora of consumer goods. However, the much-desired mental peace remains elusive and in fact, there is greater stress and more conflicts in the human mind and the human world today than ever before. Thousands of years of stored ideas in the human brain have not helped in solving the major human problems. They have instead compounded the problems to the extent of a combinatorial explosion. Creative Intelligence (CI) is the need of the hour so that the solutions do not come from the existing brain areas. Existing knowledge and ideas have serious limitations and this fact needs to be apprehended. Moreover, there is an element of irrationality connected with the accrued knowledge that is responsible for the pathetic state of human affairs. Knowledge and ideas may be useful for a life in a society. However, their repeated and unwarranted application precludes the passage of energy current in newer neural paths. It would be living in a fool’s paradise to imagine that irrational knowledge can usher in rational solutions to the problems of the human world. Only CI can rectify this aberration. Creativity implies excellence in actions of the organism and not success, which may or may not come as a fringe benefit. The very act of excellence of the organism is the best expression of creativity. The purpose of this book is not to evolve creative solutions, as the needs could be varied in the diverse areas of human interest, but to engender pointers in CI, the latitudinal insight that would lead to the establishment of total rationality. There is an urgent need for creative solutions to the collective human problems, which would give impetus to the latent rational movement that already exists in human beings. The book is formatted in three sections. Section 1 involves chapters wherein are discussed the present human imperatives, and distortions. Section 2 describes the available tools for human expression, which includes knowledge, neural energy, neural network and intelligence that humans possess and the limitations therein. Section 3 focuses on CI, its nuances, the salient differences from intelligence, applications and some techniques to trigger CI. The book is full of ideas about the creative faculties of human mind. It will prove useful to all those who wish to learn about solving the problems of the world with innovative and creative ideas instead of following the beaten track.

About the Author/s
Sri Venkatkrishnan, a graduate engineer from IIT Kharagpur, is proficient in the inner sciences of Yoga-Vedanta, and has conducted myriad successful and acclaimed workshops. His approach is scientific, for according to him creativity stems from true perception that is intensely rational but beyond the labyrinth of thought-based logic. An author of many books and cd-roms, his talks and writings reflect his prodigious intelligence with his unique prowess of neural understanding and scientific spirit that cruises us beyond the normal human domain of ideas and thoughts belonging to the lower neural network into the higher and para-neural dimension of bio-centric energy, the zone of creative intelligence.
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