Corruption in India : Causes, Effects and Reforms (Hardbound)

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About the Book
The palette of layers of corruption has become an unwanted part and parcel of a common man’s life in India. The Indian media is overflowing with the stories of scams, administrative failures and high-level cover-ups, which have deeply degraded the moral fiber of the society. Corruption in India: Causes, Effects and Reforms is an attempt to cover the many faces and dimensions of corruption in India as well as those in the world, to provide a handle on the agents of corruption and to present a balanced view of the desired reforms. The book is divided in four parts, each with its own unique focus. The reader’s journey begins with analysis and goes on all the way to reform. Part 1 covers the foundation topics like history, definitions, types, root causes and the connection between corruption and politics in India. Part 2 delves into the level and types of corruption in India. The chapters in this part deal with a gamut of topics, right from the dynamics of bureaucratic corruption in India to how to tackle the supply side of corruption in India. Part 3 covers the various anti-corruption aspirations in India. This part details out the information on various measures to combat corruption and reform India’s governance, and the heroes and their honest efforts to fight against corruption. The last chapter in this part covers the Indian anti-corruption agenda wherein various aspects and mechanisms like tools for engaging citizens, strengthening of RTI as an instrument for enhancing government transparency, strengthening of political will, virtualization of anti-corruption strategies, focus groups for supporting the citizen voice, participatory performance monitoring, anti-corruption initiatives and their dynamics, etc. are discussed. Part 4 goes beyond the Indian landscape and provides a cross-country analysis to help us pinpoint options for reforms that have worked in other nations and those that can be applied to the Indian situation as well. This part also deals with the cooperative, cross-sector role played by international cooperation agencies, global networks, conference programs and collaborative solutions in combating corruption both in India and on a global level. Appendix A provides a snapshot of the various useful resources available for further reading, and also shares information about various civil sector initiatives, private bodies and government agencies. Appendix B contains details on corruption studies, indices, diagnostic tools, expert assessments, surveys and reports. For understanding the entire fabric and framework of corruption, this book deals with topics like History of Corruption in India; Major Scams and Scandals in India; Types of Corruption—Political, Moral, Bureaucratic, Corporate, etc.; Movements and Reforms for Curbing Corruption; Dynamics of Global Corruption, and much more.

About the Author/s
Chitra G. Lele is a young record-setting author, keynote speaker, peace ambassador, multi-time world record holder and management consultant. Her publications include poetry anthologies, scholarly articles, research papers, and academic and reference books. Apart from consulting corporate houses in the fields of project management and team management, Chitra also devotes her time towards building a seamless web of peace ambassadors and change creators. She has been conferred with the title of “A Versatile Writer” by the India Book of Records. She set this record by penning maximum number of books in a short span of 18 months. Chitra’s books have set world records, have received positive reviews, and have been praised by world leaders, management gurus, best-selling authors and business experts. Some of her titles are: The 6 Spheres of Life; Weapons of Mass Destruction: The New Face of Warfare; English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth; Organizational Democracy; and Call Center Essentials: A Practical Guide to Real-Time Results.
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