Development Shock : Dynamics of India’s Current Developments (Hardbound)

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About the Book
It is claimed that our society has developed, but not only has it taken nearly seven decades after achieving Independence to effect some meaningful changes, but also left many areas where nothing has been done so far. There is discontentment among many sections of our society. It is echoed in social discources, economic issues, governing practices, and politics. The common man in India thought that development would bring more comforts, more food on the table, freedom from corruption and rising prices, freedom from poverty and unemployment, etc. but this has not happened, despite our claims of development. The book calls it “development shock” and states that the society is disappointed with the current parameters of development. Governance, policymakers and industries want to deliver development to people, but they find everything getting swayed back due to weak global cues over which no one has control. The book states that the changing Indian identity of past nearly seven decades, and the reality check for the last few years highlight different situations for all sections of society, and show that the trends are upsetting. Discontentment is likely to limit growth, happiness and prosperity. The book says that it is important for the nation, society as well as for individuals to take effective measures, and suggests adoption of eight essential societal influencing factors which can bring dynamism and growth. The book also takes up the issue of mismatch between the governance which is creating higher aspirations among people, and shortfall in achievements which is bringing more discontentment. This gap can be bridged by making realistic targets, framing right policies, and executing them using the available resources judiciously. The focus of the book is on development visions, awareness among individuals, and other dynamics of development. It will be useful for policymakers, development advisors and all those interested in the balanced development of our country. It will also benefit researchers and academicians in the pertinent areas, and the public at large.

About the Author/s
Uma Narula is Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. Presently, she is the Director/Communication Consultant (Research & Training) with Communication Networks (CNET), New Delhi, India. She regularly conducts social and development research on national and international issues and provides communication training to corporate and academic groups. She is a visiting faculty to a number of Communication and Management Institutes in India and abroad. Dr. Narula is a prolific writer and has authored many books which include Mass Communication: Theory and Practice; Development Communication: Theory and Practice; New Perspectives: Mass Communication Technologies; Communication Perspectives: Cultural Diffusion, Dynamics and Challenges; Indian Women Across Generations; Business Communication Practices: Modern Trends; Indian Economy: Visions, Reality, Challenges; Handbook of Communication Models, Perspectives, Strategies; Dynamics of Mass Communications: Theory and Practice; and Communication Models. She has co-authored three books: Development as Communication; Culture, Politics and Research Programs; and New Communication Technologies in Developing Countries. Besides, she has a number of research publications and articles to her credit. She has also been associated with a number of national and international research projects, teaching and training since 1958.
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AuthorUma Narula
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