Abuse of Child and Childhood : The Case of Kerala (Hardbound)

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About the Book
Child abuse is a global phenomenon. In societies like the Western where there are deviant approaches to child rearing, this has been a problem for quite some time. They have stringent law enforcement mechanisms to check child abuse. A study on child abuse in India by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (2007) exposed a situation which was far from comfortable for the children in India. This has been a sure motivation to ponder over the situation of children in the state of Kerala. The state of Kerala has legally brought into being all measures adopted by the Central Government towards ensuring safety and protection of children. Yet the problems of the children in the state are becoming increasingly complex, demanding detailed examination of the causes. The book is based on the study of the data collected from three regions of the state—south, centre and north. Familial, social, ethical and economic aspects were focused during data collection. The initial chapters, however, discuss the theoretical aspects in a wider perspective. Although the book is based on the findings in the state of Kerala, the issues and concerns it brings to light are universal in nature and applicable to all the states of India. It shows a clear picture of the situation through the state of affairs in Kerala, not ignoring the national scenario, and stresses the need for urgent curative measures—legal as well as social. It will provide a scientific basis for understanding the following: • The family and community factors which lead to the rise of child abuse. • The differential consequences of child abuse depending upon its duration and severity. • The factors that increase the possibility of positive child outcomes despite maltreatment or abuse. • The impact of various societal innervations like child welfare programmes, foster care and mental health services. The book will be useful for policymakers, planners, social workers, NGOs and those concerned with checking child abuse in India and mitigating its effects.

About the Author/s
N.V. Raveendran earned his research degrees from the CIEFL and Calicut University. He has been on the teaching staff of different NSS Colleges in Kerala and has published books and articles on literary criticism before switching over to his present interest. The insights he gained while travelling in the villages and towns of India have allowed him to undertake a study of what is presently happening to ‘childhood’ in his home State.
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AuthorN.V. Raveendran
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